The Future Trackies

Athletes come and go. The hottest cyclists of today may become a memory the very next day. It’s part of the sport as prominent names today get replaced by names we have barely heard of. Anybody wonder where Craig Maclean is now? Did he just suddenly disappear in the international track cycling scene? He is still racing but his name has been overshadowed by the other cyclists. Chris Hoy somehow has managed to maintain a certain status akin to that of a living legend, but that may change too and who knows by the time the London Olympics is over, his reign has passed. So, who’s the future track stars? Too many to mention, but needless to say, we have got nothing to worry about. They may pack some midget bodies for now but give them time to grow and they may be hotter than you could possibly ever imagine. These young adults are a different breed and train differently which gives them an edge over the current athletes who did not have the advantage of advanced equipment and technologies at their age level. Here’s a look at the future stars.


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