Trackies in the Sun

Not too long ago, track cycling was dominated by the likes of Rene Wolff, Ryan Bayley and Matthias John. The gallery below is a set of photos from a not too distant past. These days you rarely see these guys wearing skinsuits. Rene Wolff by track cycling standards was medium-sized, though his thighs and calves say otherwise. Ryan Bayley compared to the other Australian cyclists at that time was less imposing but still was very well built and muscled. Matthias John meanwhile, was an imposing figure. His massive, muscled, well toned, well sculpted body was a wonderful sight, made more appealing with skin tight lycra skinsuits. Now Matthias John rides for the road (Continental Milram) and significantly slimmed down though by road cycling standards he still is a massive beast weighing around 80kg.


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