The French (and other Euro cyclists)

At present track cycling is dominated by the Europeans (and Australians). The French, British and Germans are constantly battling it out for the gold. Not only that, they look like they’re also competing for the hottest team. This gallery focuses on the hot French team. My personal favorite is Michael D’Almeida, a very hot guy who doesn’t mind wearing tight lycra skinsuits. Check out some oversized (huge file sized) photos of the guy below, and check out his package. The white skinsuit certainly is good at showcasing prominent and sexy bulges. Michael D’Almeida is also one sexy beast. His body is very well built, not overly buff and not too lean. Just right I might say. Also check out the other hot French cyclists, Francois Pervis, Kevin Sireau, and Gregory Bauge.

(Some photos are HUGE with file sizes of up to 3 MB so loading might be slow but this is quite ok for pixel hunters who want to carefully observe the bulges)


One thought on “The French (and other Euro cyclists)

  1. Both the red and blue skinsuits are extremely sexy! Not only are they extremely skintight but they are unbelievably see-through! I love the way the blue lycra has been stretched so tight the material looks much lighter and whiter as the weave opens up and bare skin starts to show through. Even better I’m amazed the lining above the cyclists groin is almost as see-through and the padding stops way short of covering the goods. Time and again you can clearly see a shaft and knob pointing up from above the chamois and nothing is hidden by the lining at all!

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