Alex Rasmussen

Alex Rasmussen is one hot cyclist. This sexy guy from Denmark can ride both the road and the track, is a favorite in the madison races, and is an excellent athlete. Together with his constant and irreplaceable partner in the madison, Michael Morkov, they make a formidable pair in the velodrome. In fact, the two are a perfect example of cycling bromance. While others have been mixed and matched with other cyclists in the madison, Alex and Michael have been doing the same thing for years. They’re a crowd favorite and continues to deliver amazing, crowd pleasing performances in the madison. And oh do they look hot together there’s almost homoerotic undertones in their relationship. Still, Alex is the head turner here. A truly handsome guy whose lean yet muscular features make him one sexy man in a skinsuit. Plus, he’s got a smile that’s quite melting and eyes that are truly wonderful. Oh yes, a truly hot guy this Alex is. Check out the gallery below.

Oh and the red skinsuit is fiery hot! Check out a unique feature of this skinsuit, the zipper is at the back making the front look very clean. Also check out the photos where the red skinsuit becomes a bit see through, you can clearly see through it indeed! Yet another reason to avoid a red color? Not! It looks very sexy indeed.


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