Robert Foerstemann and the German hunks

If you’re an avid follower of The Fixed Gear, you will have no doubt encountered countless times the German beast that is Robert Foerstemann. This massive guy with muscles and legs never seen before in the world of cycling is certainly a very imposing figure in the velodrome. Much has already been said and seen of this guy, but here’s a collection of photos you might not have seen yet. The other German cyclists of Team Erdgas are also a breathtaking sight. Again, much has already been said of Team Erdgas radical skinsuit design. Maximillian Levy is another big and sexy guy with a massive muscled body that can match Foerstemann’s. Carsten Bergemann is truly the beast that he is. Towering over the other cyclists, his massive well built, muscled body is quite a rare sight in the velodrome. It’s hard to miss him in the track considering he towers over almost anyone and his imposing figure can be quite intimidating to the tiny people. Despite his massive figure, he still is one sexy man. The younger cyclists Sascha Hubner, Joachim Eilers, and Stefan Botticher, while not as big as the others can stand on their own with sexy bodies fitting the radically designed dragon skinsuit. RRRRAWWWWRRR! What a dream team!


One thought on “Robert Foerstemann and the German hunks

  1. Congratulations on the blog! Glad I found it. Just in time as Fixed Gear goes on hiatus, so I’m sure a lot of us will find this a nice replacement for high quality images of cycling hunks. Keep it up! I’ll be bookmarking this one.

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