Alexander Gil

Track cycling is alive and well in the US mostly by way of little local events. Despite the small community this still makes quite a phenomenon considering a lot of people usually register for the races and there are a lot of races. This makes track cycling quite a unique sport in this country. There ain’t any bells and whistles ala 6 days style, just riders and a couple of audiences. Now, with that rant done, let me introduce you to a personal favorite cyclist. Alexander Gil hails from South Florida, and in the velodrome is known as ‘the muscles from Miami’, and why not? He has an amazing chiseled body with washboard abs, the type that you usually see in gyms. In fact, if you see this guy, he will remind you of college football hunks but this time wearing a skinsuit. And damn is this guy gorgeous. He began riding in the road but perhaps realized that he looks better in a skinsuit and ended up in the track trained by a former track cycling champion using a second hand albeit still expensive bike. He managed to surprise some more experienced cyclists. This makes for quite a nice compelling story, 22 year old handsome and hot track cyclist upsets a couple of far more experienced riders both in the sport and in the looks department. I can’t stress this enough, this guy has an amazing body that no amount of pictures can ever do justice. And despite the generic and frankly horrible ‘muscles’ skinsuit, he still looks good. Oh yeah, truly a cycling hunk.

(Update: Added very high resolution photos [53-62] for those who want to ‘explore’ the muscle skinsuit as well as take a look at the other visible bulges particularly the guy with the white skinsuit)


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