Another round of Spanish cyclists

Here’s another round of Spanish cyclists doing random stuff in the road and the track. The sport is still pretty big in Spain and there are a lot of cyclists although road cycling is definitely more popular. This is definitely a random mix of cyclists and I can barely recognize all of them. Perhaps I’ll introduce them one by one next time. But my current faves include Itmar Esteban, David Muntaner, Tomeu Serra, and a whole lot of others.


4 thoughts on “Another round of Spanish cyclists

  1. Great photos! Who is the handsome young rider with the white earring, big smile, and huge visor over his eyes? His first photo is #19. In some photos, he’s in “Illes Balears” skinsuit, and in newer photos it’s “Bicicletes Caldentey” in grey and white versions. One photo has him half-turned around and it looks like the name on his back has “DURA” in it. I’d really like to know — he’s incredibly hot.

  2. Thanks! I tried to figure it out too, and just last night I thought that might be his name – but Google didn’t bring up any photos that looked like him. Looking forward to the photos. This is such an amazing website.

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