Jason Queally and the Blueyonder

A few days ago, I teased you on the very rare Blueyonder skinsuit which Jason Queally used way back in 2001 for one single event. Since then, this skinsuit hasn’t been seen which is a shame since this is such a fine damn skinsuit and frankly, Queally looked best in this skinsuit, even better than his 2000 Olympics skinsuit. Unfortunately though, you can only find very few photos of this online. There’s some badly ripped TV footage from NOW but all in all it’s hard to find some decent pics of Queally in this skinsuit. In the end, these are all I found even after using the most nifty resources out there. Someday when I can catch up with Queally, I’m gonna have to ask about whatever happened to that skinsuit. Nevertheless, take a look at gallery below. Perhaps one of the things that make this appealing aside from the overall amazing design is the fact that it is very rare and was designed only for one person which makes this all the more special. Still, a lot of people will probably want to bury this skinsuit and the Blueyonder after what happened but anyway I would have wished things would have gone another way so the Blueyonder team could have returned to the recumbent races and we would have seen a reappearance of this skinsuit. And it irks me that the one and only full body shot of Queally in this skinsuit happens to be smeared with a watermark.


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