Ben Swift

Ben Swift is without a doubt one of the most popular cyclists out there. And why not? Having achieved so much at a very young age, this guy is destined for future greatness. He has followed quite a similar path to a previously featured cyclist, Adam Blythe. In fact, they, along with Geraint Thomas and Peter Kennaugh, shared a similar road. Starting out in the track, Ben proved to be quite a match for more experienced track cyclists. He then moved on to several teams until finally making a place at home with Team Sky. Currently, he is a verifiably competent and talented cyclist. Moreover, one of the best things about this cyclist is he is one hot guy. This lean machine is as sexy as cyclists can ever be. He looks so natural and so sexy in that lycra. Plus, he doesn’t falter in the looks department either. This handsome lad with an irresistible smile is simply too hot to handle. Talking with this guy is a nice experience too as he is very approachable and warm. In fact, you can watch a race from the sideline, scurry to the Team Sky tent and start a chat with him or have a photo taken and he wouldn’t mind. Oh, and did I say how incredibly sexy he is?


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