Peter Kennaugh

Now here’s another hot and sexy young lad from Team Sky. Now I wonder, why does Team Sky snag the hottest cyclists out there? This is Peter’s first professional cycling team and 2010 was his first year as a neopro. Similar to Swift, Thomas and Blythe, Peter came from life as a simple track cyclist for the Isle of Man along with madison partner Mark Cavendish who is another hot cyclist making big waves in the world of cycling. I had the opportunity to meet Peter in one of the skyride events and he seems like a really nice kid, very down to earth who hasn’t really grasped the magnitude of what he has accomplished. A very promising rider indeed. Now for the juicy parts, yup, Peter is smoking hot, sexy most especially in lycra. Some of my friends actually commented that Peter is hotter than Swift, Thomas, Blythe, and other young British cyclists out there and it’s hard to deny that. He looks quite good in the photos and more so in real life, looking so natural in that black lycra. Not only that, his eyes look through you and that smile of his really is something. And the hair, you’ve got to appreciate the clean look this cyclist has. It only makes him hotter.


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