Scenes from the track (Yup another set of hot Spanish guys)

So here’s yet again another set of hot Spanish cyclists in their skinsuits and other lycra gear. You’ll find a lot of guys to like here with nice bodies from the sexy to the buffed. Plus all the lycra makes it better. The recently concluded Copa de Espana was a wonderful showcase of form and function with beautiful cyclists achieving top speeds with very tight clothing.


3 thoughts on “Scenes from the track (Yup another set of hot Spanish guys)

  1. Thanks! It’s weird – the overmuscled British riders like Hoy turn me off, but the muscular Jose Caldentey Cabezas is just incredible. You don’t usually see an upper body like that in cycling. And his lower body is pretty impressive too.

    • It’s weirder seeing them up close in person. Because the photos can lie, some people actually look bigger or smaller in the photo. In most of the photos of Chris Hoy, he is quite big, and in real life he is really massive. Cabezas here (he’s 21) is actually big too but not as big as in the photos, and he looks like those college football types, and yup he loooks good too. GUAPO, well as they say it.

      • You’re right – it’s a gridiron build. An American college jock, in a skinsuit. Damn sexy. Guapo too.

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