Tomeu Gelabert Serra

Now back to Spanish track cyclists. We have here another hot one. A junior track cyclist who’s making great strides in the velodrome. Tomeu Gelabert Serra looks good in a skinsuit and coupled with those dreamy eyes and rough features he makes for one hot cyclist. Also featured here is our big boy Jose Caldentey Cabezas wait for it half-naked in his skinsuit.


One thought on “Tomeu Gelabert Serra

  1. Thanks for the pics! …I’m surprised – JCC has a hot body – but I don’t think he’s quite as sexy this way. I like him better zipped up! I don’t know why. Also I tried Googling for more pictures of him again, but the top 5 results on Google are now all from your website. So I guess he’ll find out about this site pretty soon. Hopefully he’s flattered!

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