Joan and Victor sexy in blue

Okay, so these photos may be a bit recycled but I never got to properly introduce these guys. The recurring cyclists in these photos are Joan Font Bertoli and Victor Iturat Lopez. Hot spanish cyclists who look quite good in their lycra. They aren’t your usual anorexic type and they look a bit buff and sexy. As they say it, que calor! Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors for cycling gear although I’m not quite a fan of some sky/light blue colored stuff as they tend to be less shiny and clean looking as the darker ones such as the ones used by the Scottish track cycling team long ago and the old 2000 British olympic skinsuit. Oh and there’s a shot of Victor below wet and with his skinsuit half-zipped and I wager he waded in the pool with his skinsuit, which I think is a fantasy among the lycra fetishists who love to wet themselves in showers whilst wearing their lycra gear.

And as I mentioned before, I’m quite running out of time managing this blog as work beckons me every single minute these days and things are getting really hectic. I’ll probably splurge on more posts some day but for now I’ll stick to sporadic posting.


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