Caption me!

Lycrakeen recently posted a very beautiful photograph of 2 guys one of which sports a lovely blue lycra shorts while the other one somewhat looks at his shapely ass. It really begs to be captioned. Granted you rarely see such photos of perfectly timed homoeroticism among straight male athletes. On another note, I believe the featured photo was of a track and field athlete considering his lycra shorts don’t have chamois making his butt more appealing. Ahhh, this is what I regret on preferring cyclists over them since the cycling lycra shorts tend to have obstructive chamois especially those on professional road racers where the chamois is made of high-tech materials and design to protect the cyclist on long rides. Thankfully though, cycling skinsuits especially those used by track cyclists don’t have those horrible looking chamois (they have simpler ones with no fancy designs) since they’re designed for shorter rides and with emphasis on aerodynamics to reduce the drag those track cyclists’ skinsuit looks slicker and clearly emphasizes more bulges.

In relation to the topic, here’s a very recent photo of Project London cyclists and hotties Kevin Mansker, Michael Blatchford and Daniel Walker on the podium. This photo definitely begs a caption. As the three cyclists huddle in the middle spot of the podium, grabbing whatever they can of themselves skinsuit, skin, lycra and all, this hotshot of a big guy badass, Kevin Mansker carefully looks at Michael Blatchford’s crotch. I wonder what he can find since the black lycra kind of obscures their presumably huge bulges. Some things really can’t be captured in photographs, however, Kevin’s ‘stare’ is wonderfully caught on camera. Of course, I’m just overthinking things, but it’s nice to do that once in a while. In fact, I’m already thinking he’s a few steps short of just grabbing that guys crotch. Or whatever. It’s good to see some homoerotic photos of straight cyclists turn up once in a while. So, got a good caption for them? Or what do you think about it? (Click to embiggen the bulges)


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