Team Endura Racing

Well, as I said before, black is in. Anyway, I love team presentations. It’s an odd event by the way. Cyclists are introduced to the press with most teams donning their newly designed kit. It’s quite a fancy affair with lots of press shots, interviews etc. But somehow nothing beats the sight of cyclists in their lycra gear outside of sporting events. They not only look clean, fresh from the showers or the salon, their kit is usually brand new and sparkly clean. This is a cyclist in his freshest, without sweat and dirt.

In this regard, Endura Racing presents their cyclists in their freshest look, adorned with one of the best lycra gear I’ve seen. I mean, you don’t get to see black lycra this shiny. I just wished everyone wore skinsuits and not the jersey/bib shorts combo. The only one wearing a delightfully delectable skinsuit is Chris Pritchard who seems to have gained significant weight. He looks meaty here. Plus, he looks amazing in his skinsuit. Don’t expect fantastic bulges here, the black lycra carefully tries to hide it. Look out for other hot cyclists here, as there’s plenty of eye candy left and right. Oh, and it’s quite funny but there’s some shots of cyclists stripping their work clothes to reveal they’ve already worn their kits underneath much like underwears. Cyclists do love their lycra that much.

WARNING: Extra large files in here for maximum exposure. Each file is worth 5 MB at the very least.


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