Last round of cyclists before a hiatus

Well I hate to say this but I’ll be out on a long vacation. Unfortunately the place where I’ll be going to is pretty tricky to get around with an internet connection. Regardless, I’ve already uploaded around 80% of my collection of unique photos meaning the photos you won’t likely to see anywhere else. So, that also leaves me with an exhausted gallery. I’ll take this time off to replenish them so I’ll return with bundles of photos of sexy cyclists in their lycra gear. It seems I’m stuck with this sport as I have very little resources for collecting photos of track and field athletes (another favorite of mine) or wrestlers (not really my type, but still a wonderful showcase of hot lycra bodies). Anyway, here’s a set of photos before my vacation, featuring Scottish junior cyclists who will be the future in the sport of track cycling. Then a couple of photos of American cyclists in the T-town event currently underway. That’s Andy Lakatosh who really looks like Matt Damon only with a somewhat meatier (and bulkier) body as well as sporting some impressive bulges there and an impressive thigh as well. The usual stuff is here, lycra gear, cycling bib shorts and skinsuits, etc. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Last round of cyclists before a hiatus

  1. I tought all professional cyclist athletes are skinny and lean. But finnally I found bulky and muscular real cyclist athlete here. Those pictures makes me hard! Thankyou for sharing!

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