The French Connection

If this is the future of the French track cycling team, then we’re in for a treat. The current elite track cycling team of France includes the irresistibly hot Michael d’Almeida as well as the other equally handsome and sexy cyclists, Kevin Sireau, Francois Pervis, and Gregory Bauge. They’re a real treat for the eyes. Now here are the junior/senior track cyclists who is bound to light the track cycling world afire with their sexy bodies and hot looks. Most notable is Benjamin Edelin, a good looking young guy who while not having the massive muscles of some track cyclists out there, possess a delectable body build that’s not quite big and not quite small. He looks unbelievably hot and sexy indeed. The others Julien Palma and Anthony jacques possess bigger more muscle-y bodies that are drool-worthy as well. Indeed the future of French track cycling is secure.


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