Andrea Minguzzi

Greco-Roman and Collegiate wrestling is without a doubt, the most homoerotic sport in the world. Wrestlers are clad in wrestling singlets which leave little to the imagination, they’re practically naked. There’s too much hugging, and crotch grabbing, and you can’t deny the bulge grows bigger as the match progresses. I’m not too much of a wrestling fan as I love lycra better worn as a skinsuit. The skinsuit is simply the ultimate form of lycra wear. Now if only these wrestlers wear skinsuits. I can make an exception though, if the wrestler is as unbelievably hot as Andrea Minguzzi, an Italian wrestler and Olympic gold medallist. If you were following the wrestling matches in the 2008 olympics you’ll know the controversy he was partly involved. His rugged, handsome looks, typical of Mediterraneans and Europeans complement his overall look in a wrestling singlet so well I wish he’d wear a skinsuit. This guy is so hot he looks even beautiful without lycra. And those photos of him wrestling with another guy? We can leave that to the imagination.


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