Mixed Lycra Athletes Gallery

Well, here’s a bit of a gallery shuffle. Here’s one with everything mixed in. Different nationalities, different events, timelines, even different sports. The only thing connecting them all is the use of very tight fitting clothing and boy do these guys all look slick and sexy in that lycra gear. Surely, a sport is made even better by the use of such types of clothing. If only more sports use lycra, then sports lovers will be in for a real treat.

It’s been a tough ride organizing my new collection of photos, so it’s going to take a while before I can turn them into readable and viewable posts. If you have any comments pls do post them in any of the blog articles. You can ask for names, and I can try to find them and give more info about them, or give feedback on how they look, etc. I don’t mind vulgar statements, but I do hope they’re kept to a minimum. Without further adieu, here’s my most chaotic gallery yet.


6 thoughts on “Mixed Lycra Athletes Gallery

  1. Great to have you back! Some amazing pictures here, some cyclists I’ve never seen before. Who’s the orange-skinsuit guy with the broken arm? Is he the same guy in the white skinsuit? They look very similar and (very cute) but I can’t tell.

    • Well, yeah he is quite the HOT guy. Moreover, it must be just me but I think he’s wearing skinsuits that are 2 sizes too small for him, but I don’t mind him wearing the tightest of skinsuits. It only makes him look hotter.

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