Hot Euro Cyclists

Cycling is a popular sport in Europe. I can’t still put a reason why there exists a significant fan base of the sport in Europe as compared to the Americas but US is catching up boosted by the popularity of Lance Armstrong. The significant popularity of the sport in Europe allows extremely hot guys to enter the sport without being ridiculed for the tight fitting revealing clothing. In fact, I could swear it’s the clothing that turns some of the athletes and the fans to this sport. Now the skinsuit in my opinion is the ultimate form of lycra wear and is one of the reasons I’m so hooked to track cycling. Track cyclists just look good in it. Their well chiseled and big bodies deliciously wrapped in that delicate fabric is such a wonderful sight especially when these guys are just walking around doing their stuff. Photos don’t do them justice, you have to see them walk, and move around to see every bulge and curve of their body. But still, some photos are just pure eye candy such as the gallery below.


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