Track Cyclists in Skinsuits

Ok, so the title is quite the misnomer. Track cyclists do wear skinsuits well, most of the time. Perhaps the reason why I’m so drawn to this sport compared to other lycra wearing sports is the use of skinsuits. It simply is one beautiful piece of clothing and when track cyclists wear it, they become unbelievably hot. This gallery showcases that fact. Christos Volikakis wearing an all white skinsuit is just amazing though the photo quality is quite bad, I just wished there was a better higher resolution photograph as white skinsuits tend to be revealing and with Volikakis wearing it, it simply cannot fail. The Dutch team photos are a real teaser. They’re quite the far shots with smallish resolution but I still love how these photos can tease. I love the orange and dark blue kit. For the past few posts, Europeans have dominated so let’s take a look at some American cyclists who still look good on skinsuits. See, a track cyclist build wearing skinsuit simply cannot fail. Enjoy!


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