Some recent track cyclist action

So here’s yet another massive gallery of some random track cyclists featuring some old and recent track cycling events. Check out the extremely huge German team of Stefan Nimke, Robert Foerstemann and Rene Enders as they make their way to the podium in the recent Euro track cycling championships. There’s even some bromantic action with a manly hug. I love track cycling for the minute details like hot track cyclists in full skinsuit gear hugging other cyclists and having a weird hard on. Also do check out another hot team and I’m referring to the Polish team of Maciej Beilecki, Kamil Kuczinski and Damien Zielinski. They’re another hot and formidable team with rugged bodies that look absolutely hot in their fiery red skinsuits as well as in their dark blue skinsuits. And is it just me or does Kamil Kuczinski seem to be having a hard time hiding his bulges. There’s a reason why I love the track sprint events. 3 muscular bodies battling together against 3 other muscular bodied cyclists in a speed race is quite the event to drool. Not only is the lycra action hot, the action is also sizzling. Anyway, let’s not forget the Dutch cylists who still look as hot as ever. Teun Mulder has never looked this hot in his career. His body seemed to have undergone quite a transformation from the time he made his debut in the international track scene. Aaah, yes even in the absence of Theo Bos, Mulder, van den Berg, and the rest of the Dutch track cycling team make up quite well. Let’s also not forget the incredibly hot French team. I swear Francois Pervis has never been this hot this cycling season, and Kevin Sireau as well. In the end though, Michael D’ Almeida is still the Frenchman to beat. He is quite possibly the hottest one out there. Unfortunately, not quite that many photos available of the french team. Oh well, check out the gallery below.


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