This blog might as well be considered as the spiritual successor to other lycra blogs out there with emphasis on real athletes and their gorgeous bodies wrapped in very tight clothing exposing every possible bulge out there. In the vein of Lycrakeen, The Fixed Gear, and Xtra Sport Gear Fan, the photos here taken from various sources are from real athletes. The photos are highly stimulating but are in no way meant to depict the sexuality of the athletes involved. Moreover, the emphasis is on cycling most especially track cycling, a sport where you can never have too much lycra.

So who am I? Some people say I’m Lycrakeen, others say the guys from The Fixed Gear, or from a remnant of the now defunct LA Lycra or perhaps Sethboyhardee. The answer is… all and none of the above. I’m just another person who fancies guys wearing lycra at the same time appreciating their well built bodies and the sport they represent. I love cycling and track cycling but in a world where homoeroticism is still a taboo, sports requiring the mandatory wearing of lycra stuff is still deemed unpopular and in some places considered too gay. In the end, we rarely see such footages on television. So this blog represents the personas of the other bloggers who make this sport somewhat accessible to the lycra fetishists and the like.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I just love your site, unique content and quantity of interesting pictures. We even share the same taste, my favorite rider is Mickael d’Almeida, so awesome in kit French skinsuit!
    So,k congratulations!

    I have 2 questions after reading your article “cyclists playing around”:
    – do you know who these two guys are?

    – where did you find these pictures?

    I have access to Getty, maybe I could help you at some point to get sexy guys’ pictures.

    One suggestion to finish: could you please make an article on Ben Swift, my 2nd favorite guy, sexy and successful 😉

    • Hi thanks for the feedback.

      The two cyclists are Thore Frederik Bradtberg (the guy kneeling) and Casper Degn (the guy lying down). I happen to have a lot of cyclist friends since I too am connected to the sport but not as an athlete so I have my sources including the cyclists themselves, close friends, and teammates most especially the support team.

      I could make a post about Ben Swift since he seems to be one of the more popular guys out there and I’ve met the guy, and he seems kind of really nice. I usually shy away from sharing personal experiences with cyclists since truth be told a lot of them are offended by these kinds of stuff, the fetishes and the homoerotic content and I happen to work with them so I respect these people a lot.

  2. Hello, thank you and congratulation for this great site!
    I´m also a fan of sexy cyclists-and so I love the summer, with all the guys in their lycra kit!
    May I send you some pics or video clips?
    Regards Uwe from Düsseldorf, Germany

    • Thank you too! I’ll work something out regarding photo and video submissions. I’ll send you an email if I manage to spare some time. A lot of my posts are scheduled since I prepare posts in advance. So I’ll see what I can do.

    • I don’t quite know how to respond to that. But to be honest with you, I’m a bisexual and had relationships with both males and females and my latest one is a female and we’re pretty fine with everything. So, I guess I just have to say, Thank you!

  3. Hah, I don’t quite love you in that way 😛 But thank you for that vote of confidence. I do really love your blog though. You must have spent hours getting all those photos.

  4. I just added your site to my “Favorites” folder. You have such an amazing photo collection! It takes time and effort to build a site like you did, so thank you very much for taking the time to do it.

    A spandex fan from Costa Rica, Central America

    • Thank you! It just happens that I have some resources at hand other people will have a hard time finding, so yeah, I wondered why not share it. Even though I’m close to exhausting my gallery, I’m still trying to collect more to outpace my rabid posting habits, though as of late I’ll try to take a break from it all as it seems the galleries can be a bit overwhelming for any visitor and even for a lycra fan. Plus, some galleries are poorly filtered with some bad photos, but anyway I could use a break too. Thanks for the effort to drop by this blog and make a comment. I really appreciate it.

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