Hot stuff

Once in a while you encounter photos which may not have caught your attention at first but on second glimpse had you hooked. Check out this gallery for example. There’s a lot of hot stuff in here. I may not have recognized anybody in the Brazilian cycling team but they’re undeniably hot. They seem to possess the right body proportions which makes them look good in skinsuits, plus I’m quite fond of the dark blue color, it makes the cyclists look even hotter. Then there’s the Polish team photoshoot which I seem to can’t have enough of. The trio is simply one of the hottest out there. Then there’s the junior Czech team, subtle details such as the shiny blue-red lycra makes me remember of the old spandex Superman costume in Lois and Clark which remains my favorite.



Well here’s yet another sizzling hot gallery of Euro cyclists decked in sumptuous lycra gear. Again, take note of my preference for the Euro guys especially the Greek ones. Some photos are a rehash so you might have seen some of them somewhere in this blog but my I’m sure you simply can’t get enough of them. Those bodies sure do look good in lycra, even the skinny ones look good when in skinsuits, and I’ve noticed the thinner cyclists tend to have bigger or rather more visible bulges simply because they have smaller thighs and legs which make the bulge quite more revealing. That’s not to say that the bigger guys have smaller bulges, because they do have big ones too, which is why I love podium and random candid shots.

Sexy Greek cyclists

Ok, so an error occurred while publishing this post and it was accidentally erased. Anyway, the recent spate of Greek track cyclist achievements has renewed my interest in this team. I so especially love their rugged looking features which look awesome in a skinsuit. Christos Volikakis beating Chris Hoy in the keirin in Astana was quite a surprise and given the current state of Greece it’s especially a welcome sight and truly feels heroic, which makes him even more lovable. I really do love their body builds and this team doesn’t look silly in a skinsuit. In fact they look quite badass.

Another random set

My collection for the past few weeks looks more like a random collection of photos than a cohesive set but I’m sure you won’t mind. Here’s yet another random set, with Spanish cyclists randomly mixed with American and British cyclists. I’ll try to consolidate my collection in the coming weeks to create more consistent sets.

More cyclists in lycra

Ok here’s yet another misnomer of a title since cyclists should wear lycra. Here’s a bit of a gallery mix with Greek, American and European cyclists.

Random cyclist hunks

The weekend’s finally over and it’s back to work. First up, here’s a somewhat random set of photos. Check out some hot cyclist hunks in their skinsuits and other lycra gear, from the Team of Barbados to the irresistible big boys of Australia and New Zealand. The candid shots really are a way of catching these hunks in their lycra off guard.